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Ready for an amazing learning experience?

Meet the new learning environment for teaching the Hebrew language – Niflaot. 

Niflaot is a new series for elementary school, and we are glad to inform that Niflaot for the 1st grade is coming this year. This program is the first of its kind , leading with a digital environment along with printed workbooks  in a holistic, structured manner.

The Niflaot series includes 5 sections:

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The series for teaching Hebrew in the Diaspora


Why should you start teaching using this environment in the coming school year?

Promotes Stronger involvement and curiosity of the students

The rich digital learning environment combines a story with amusing characters. The environment also allows students to experiment with different learning methods and a rich diverse content: videos, games, comics and more.


Addressing diverse needs

Flexible, convenient teaching and learning sequences.

Combining The acquisition of language skills with Israeli culture in a unique and engaging manner.

Combining digital and physical learning environments.

Interactive activities.

A comprehensive, accessible, and practical teacher’s guide.


An Orderly and organized environment

All the learning materials are organized in one place.  

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Our next Introductory meetings:

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For further details and schedule a call conversation

May 6 | Monday

May 21 | Tuesday

June 6 | Thursday

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